Mangos: A Mexican Romance
a feature documentary in development

Fernanda, a young actress from Mexico City, begins working at a remote mango factory to help her friend Ben make a film there. The intimate diary that Fernanda begins to write narrates the distance between the actress and the director, and about the relationships that begin to form with the teenagers that work at the factory.

documentary short, 10 min, 2018

An immigrant's return back across the border, and the impossibility of finding home.

direction, camera by Ben Guez 
cast: Saday Cordoba, Chapito Barnett
origional music by Mateo Lugo
assistant: Omar Navarette 

The Memory of Turtles
documentary short, 16 min, 2016

An ailing repairman in northern Mexico leaves his cluttered workshop in the city to return to a desert coast deep within his memory.

directed by Ben Guez 
camera: Tim Hussin, Frazier Phillips
origional music by Mateo Lugo
assistant: Omar Navarette

Cowboy Tours
a documentary in development

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